Click on the links below to see some fabulous transistor radios from the fifties.

Made in Japan (listed by brand name, with models in chronological order)  
Aiwa Avegon Channel Master Crown

Aiwa AR-350

Avegon (NEC NT-7H) Channel Master 6501

Crown TR-333
Crown TR-666
Crown TR-800

Gibraltar Hitachi Kowa Koyo
Gibraltar P-1365 (6TP-219) Hitachi TH-669
Hitachi TH-621
Hitachi TH-668
Hitachi TH-667
Hitachi WH-667
Kowa KT-31

Koyo KR-6TS1

Lafayette Mignon National NEC
Lafayette FS-110 (SR-F22) Mignon FT-7 (SR-F22) National AB-145

NEC NT-7H (Avegon)
Nippon Victor (NVC) Penney's RCA Victor Sharp
Nippon Victor TS-600 Toshiba (Penney's)
RCA Victor P-331
RCA Int'l TS-600
Sharp TR-173
Sharp TR-180
Sanyo Sony Standard Toshiba
Sanyo 6C-3
Sanyo SX-3
Sanyo 6C-5
Sanyo 6C-8
Sanyo 6C-9 (as CM 6501)
Sanyo 6C-10
Sanyo 7S-P1
Sony TR-6 Feature
Sony TR-66
Sony TR-62
Sony TR-67
Sony TR-74
Sony TR-741

Sony TR-83
Sony TR-77
Sony TR-65
Sony TFM-151
Standard SR-F21
Standard SR-F22
Standard SR-F23
Standard SR-F32
Standard SR-F25

Standard SR-G24/G24A
Standard SR-H100
Standard SR-D210
Toshiba 6TR-186
Toshiba 6TM-225S

Toshiba 6TP-219 (as Gibraltar)
Toshiba 6TP-335

Toshiba (as Penney's)
Made in U.S.A.      
Arvin Hoffman Sylvania Zenith
Arvin 8576
Arvin 9577
Hoffman P410 series
Hoffman P411 ‘SOLARADIO’
Sylvania 4P14 Zenith Royal 500
Made in Austria      
Siemens (WSW)      

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