Sony TR-83

TR-83 face right

The TR-83 was released in April 1958 as Sony's deluxe high-performance, high-sensitivity model for the domestic Japanese market. Not only is it the first truly portable eight-transistor radio that Sony made*, but might well be the first eight-transistor portable radio made in Japan. The TR-83 also happens to be the first Sony radio to use such a large slab of reverse paint on its face. The deep tan colour of the hard plastic cabinet, highlight curves on the reverse-painted section, placement of the volume switch knob, large tuning dial knob with highly stylized numbers, louvres across the cabinet face, and brass badge in the upper left corner combine to make one attractive package.

197 mm x 111 mm x 45 mm (7-3/4" x 4"-3/8 x 1-3/4")

*The company did build a massive eight-transistor home radio in a Mahogany cabinet that went on sale in June 1957. However, this radio, the TR-82, measured 430 mm x 270 mm x 210 mm (17" x 10-5/8" x 8-1/4"), which makes its cubic measure more than 24 times that of the TR-83!

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