Sony TR-83

TR-83 inside

So, what we've got here is a 2T73 transistor at the top, a pair of 2T76 transistors forming the double stage IF, a 2T524 transistor employed in place of a detector diode to achieve high sensitivity, a pair of 2T66 transistors in the AF stage, and a pair of semi-power 2T85 transistors for powerful output. In addition, the TR-83 also uses a shunt diode AGC circuit to reduce signal distortion, as well as a varistor. The 2T85 transistors were a new product and an expensive part at the list price of 1,700 yen a piece. This is in a day and age when a bowl of soba noodles could be had for 25 yen!

Transistors: (Sony) 2T73 x 1, 2T76 x 2, 2T524 x 1, 2T66 x 2, 2T85 x 2
Diode: 1T23
Varistor: 1T41
Speaker: 3-1/2"
Output: 200mW max, (140mW distortion free)
Power source: 4.5V : UM-2 (C-cell) x 3
Weight: 850 grams

The parts in the sample you see here are all original. And the radio plays reasonably well and with incredible power after a meticulous and somewhat time consuming restoration. The insides cleaned up nicely, with the exception of the staining and rust on the back of the speaker's magnet and serial number label from what must have been some fairly severe battery leakage a long time ago. Bent on keeping everything original, and determined to leave the serial number label in place, I did my best not to mess with this. I have included a photo of the insides prior to restoration on a separate page for those crazies who wish to see it.

TR-83 circuit board print side

Nothing special to point out about the print side, but thought some might enjoy a look at one of the last circuit boards made by Sony that has that primitive early look of having required a lot of hand work.

2T73 oval & coil

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