Hoffman K-P411

K-P411 above

Two banks of primitive looking solar cells run along the top of the handle. The power they generate flows down the handles themselves and enters the radio along the big knob-like screws that hold the handle in place. A few spring washers between the knobs on these screws and the handle ensure a solid connection. And to ensure conductivity, the handles are made of a heavy metal, although I'm not sure what the material is. It *looks* like they could be made of copper and plated in gold. I'd love to hear from anybody who can help clarify this in the future. More about the flow of power when we look inside the radio.

The huge handle finished in gold and the solar pack perched between the two handle pieces really complete the unique appearance of the P411 series. You might even say that big handle makes the radio. Note that there were two variations of the handle. First is the type shown on these pages with a simple hole where the handle meets the thumb screws. The other type had long slats running vertically up the handle such that it could be retracted straight down. I don't know when or why Hoffman changed the design, but I like the kind you see here better.

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