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For research purposes, and because it fascinates me, I am currently building a database of the extant TR-6 samples in collections around the world. (To date, roughly two-thirds of these 'reside' in Japan.) As such, I wish to beg the cooperation of all out there who own a TR-6.

I would be most grateful if you would provide me with some simple data on your TR-6. It doesn't have to be more than the serial number, colour, and a brief description of condition. At the same time, I'd also welcome detailed photos for those willing and/or able to supply them. And I would appreciate at least a photo showing the serial number as a form of visible confirmation of the unit, if possible.

I promise to keep all personal data confidential, and will not use any of it publicly without first receiving your consent. Contributors will receive basic statistical data marking my progress at the time the contribution is received, as well as updates when new progress is made. Thank you!

As a side note, I've begun similar databases on the Sony TR-55, TR-5, TR-33, TR-66, TR-62, and TR-61. Contributions to these documents would also be greatly appreciated.

Write me and add to this historical record!


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