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Friend & Family Links

  • Odds 'n Ends - Francesco Baldessari spares no punches as he shares fragments from his life. Other fun on "hyperfrank.com" includes Frank's pages of favoured quotations, the archive of his long-lived "Dining Out in Tokyo" site and more.
  • John Chew's New Home Page - The private site of a dear friend. Learn more about Championship Scrabble, the Japanese language, and Combinatorics. Or, just learn more about John and his fascinating world. You'll find his bookmarks, lists of books, movies and toys, notes on John's activities, photos and more.
  • Jason Nolan - Jason's blog contains too much for my limited grey matter to summarize. Check it out for running commentary on Jason's world, or for information on everything from the latest trends in education to Canada's only Crayon Shinchan site.
  • Jay Jago - Master potter, music lover, avid reader, and all-round good chap. Visit this site; it's sure to be a fascinating trip that is well worth taking.


Mac Links

Daily Mac News - General

Daily Mac News - PowerBook

  • The PowerBook Zone
  • PowerPage - Formerly known as O'Grady's PowerPage. Often reads more like an ad feature for the site's sponsors, but the odd bit of good info can be found. On the other hand, the related "PowerList" mail list provides an active exchange where many PB users share info, preferences, etc. You can sign up to join the PowerList here; I recommend going for the "DIGEST" version. That gives all the postings for that day in a single file, (piece of mail). If you don't go this route, you will be inundated with pieces of mail every time a member posts to the list. The list averages between 40 to 80 posts a day.


Local Links

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