Siemens Transetta
The Inside Look

The photo above shows the insides of my maroon Transetta. There are five transistors on the main circuit board facing the camera. The condensors (elec caps) are made by Siemens, and that big transformer seen in the bottom left corner is labelled with the WSW name.

Another pair of transistors mounted on the daughter board, (which can be seen on the right in the top photo above), round out the Transetta's full complement of seven transistors.

Transistors: OC44, OC45 x 2, OC71 x 2, OC72 x 2; [RL31]

The following are actual size scans of the insides of my black Transetta. This one uses five early RCA transistors with an additional pair of Philips-type transistors on the daughter board.

The Transetta is built like a tank. Built to last. And built not to be easily accessed by kids or the average tinkerer.

As a fan of puzzle boxes, I took great pleasure in discovering that the Transetta also happens to fit into this category. Why? You see, it was the first and only radio in my experience that I was unable to open right away. Wolfgang in Vienna was kind enough to send me the instructions while warning me to wait until they arrived before daring to venture inside. He was correct, and I was glad I had waited once I read the explanation of the procedure. Again, the maker didn't intend for just any kid with peanut butter on his fingers and a screwdriver in his hand to get inside.

Click to see the batteries that power this monster.


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