Toshiba 6TP-219
"Gibraltar P-1365"

6TP-219 inside6TP-219 product label

The circuitry in the 6TP-219 is common to a couple of the earliest Toshiba shirt pocket radios. You'll find the insides of the Penney's (aka Gibraltar P-1405) and Toshiba 6TP-243 are almost the same. These models show just how experienced and how determined the maker was to build a quality product. As one might expect from a company of some 35,000 employees that could pour over 1.2 billion yen into the construction of transistor manufacturing facilities in the fifties. The serial number label reveals that this radio was built in August 1958.

Transistors (Toshiba): 2S52, 2S13, 2S25, 2S14, 2S56 x 2, [1N60]

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