Standard SR-H100

SR-H100 inside

Standard was committed to quality and achieving top performance. Other points aside, this is witnessed by the use of a double-tuned IFT between the mixer and first IF amp transistors.

SR-H100 inside 2

Here's a different view of the double-tuned IFT and other components. Also note the heat sink fitted over the output (power amp) transistors and the varistor for temperature stabilization. In addition, a period review of this model states that the improved "Ferrite M" bar antenna allowed the user to listen to the shortwave band at night without having to connect the external telescoping antenna.

You may wonder why the top two transistors are made by Sony while the rest are Hitachi devices. Sony was the first in Japan to succeed at mass producing transistors of high enough frequency. And, when the SR-H100 was built, Sony was likely still better equipped to sell these devices to third parties.

Transistors: (Sony) 2T73 x 2; (Hitachi) HJ-22D x 2, HJ-15 x 2, HJ-17 x 2; [1N34A, HV12]
Speaker: 3-1/2"
Output: 150mW max, (90mW distortion free)
Power source: 6V : UM-2 (C-cells) x 4

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