Sony TR-74

Reclining TR-74

You don't see the TR-74 in this pose every day. However, it was designed to allow this position when listening to SW broadcasts. Why in tarnation would anybody want to rest such a big baby down on the handle in this fashion? I was hoping you'd ask. You see, while the 7-section telescoping antenna does extend to a length of about one metre, it is not hinged to tilt or swivel. Therefore, the way to achieve the best possible reception is supposedly to lay the radio in this posture and rotate the whole unit until the antenna points in the optimum direction. Hope it's now as clear as the reception this gem brings in. And a word of apology; I've actually failed to show exactly what I wanted in this photo because I should have shot it with the antenna extended. Sorry!

Almost forgot to mention that this radio is "tropicalized". That's what the maroon-coloured lettering on the volume switch reads, although you can't really make it out in the above photo. Anyway, this makes some sense when we consider that the model supposedly sold remarkably well in Burma.

Take a look at the funky big clear red plastic "knob" that serves as the pointer on the tuning dial. I love this touch. Not to mention that it is encased in that protruding clear cover that reminds me of those bubble-type observation decks on trains.

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