Sony TR-65

TR-65 inside TR-63 inside

What you see inside the TR-65 is a later revision of the TR-63 circuit board with a number of critical components updated for better performance. The transistors are the latest 2T7 series in cylindrical packages, and the diode and varistor are also upgraded devices.

For fun, and to make the page slower for you to download, I have included a photo of an early production TR-63 on the right. This radio was built about 15 months before the TR-65 but you can see that the layout is the same. Note that a late production TR-63 looks much more like the TR-65, so I may just change the '63 photo to show this comparison eventually.

Transistors: (Sony) 2T73 x 1, 2T76 x 2, 2T64 x 1, 2T65 x 2
Diode: unlabeled (looks suspiciously like a NEC SD-46 but the service manual calls it a 1T23)
Varistor: 1T52
Speaker: 2-1/4"
Output: 35mW max, (25mW distortion free)
Power source: 9V : BL-006P

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