Sony TR-6
in "Wakakusa" colour

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This is such a beautiful and important early radio that I feel compelled to include several pages on it. Hope you enjoy them. "Wakakusa" means "young grass", and as a colour obviously refers to this shade of light green. And yes, Sony did officially refer to the colour of this radio as "wakakusa".

When this sample showed up at a friend's shop in Tokyo several years ago, it was the first TR-6 I'd had the pleasure of actually seeing in this colour. And, despite fifty years of dirt caked on the oxidized cabinet and some battery residue inside that was begging to be cleaned up, it also happens to be one of the few TR-6 samples I've fondled that is free of cracks and chips.

The light green TR-6 remains by far the rarest of the four colours, with only a small handful of samples confirmed to date.

[Entry updated 07.02.04]

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