Sony TFM-151

TFM-151 leather case

Mortgaging the house to buy a TFM-151 also landed the proud owner a rugged leather case lined in a soft maroon-coloured velvet that was made to gently envelope and protect this gem. The volume and tuning knobs are accessible and the tuning dial visible, so one could use this substantial radio without removing it from the case. On the left you see the earphone pouch, and there would originally have been a shoulder strap as well. I also find it interesting how Sony intentionally made cut-outs on both faces of the case to proudly display the "FM/AM FIFTEEN TRANSISTOR" logo badge at all times. (I will post photos of the shoulder strap and other accessories in the near future.)

This unusual earphone is one of two types that shipped with the TFM-151.
(I will post a photo of the other type in the near future.)

Proudly displaying the flag.
(Note: the carrying case from the earliest unit I've seen does not carry this marking.)

* A quick note about a design oversight I have discussed many times with collectors yet failed to include in the entry on these pages. To date, I have only seen two samples of the TFM-151 that do not have cracks in the plastic on the handle about 20% in from at least one edge. I interpret this as a miscalculation in material selection on Sony's part. I reckon the black resin used was too inflexible and not strong enough to support the weight of the radio, and this eventually caused it to crack. Another factor could also be shrinkage in the plastic over time combined with expansion and contraction of the metal handle wire when subjected to temperature changes.

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