Sanyo 6C-8

Sanyo 6C-8 inside look

Transistors (early Sony cylindricals): 2T73, 2T76 x 2, 2T65, 265 x 2, [1T23]
Speaker: 2-1/4"
Power source: 9V : BL006P (standard rectangular 9V)
At the lower left of this photo you see the connector for the external speaker box and one for an external (battery) power pack below that. There is also a pair of earphone jacks on the side, (the connector is the grey box on the lower part of the wall on the left in this photo.) The warp in the cabinet wall on the left of the photo and deformed tuning condensor are the fault of damage from exposure to the sun or some heat source.

Sanyo 6C-8 product label

Here you see the product label. This back cover is almost as distorted from sun exposure and other abuse as my brain matter. I find it interesting that Sanyo mistakenly printed the wrong battery info on this label. (The BL-M106 is the larger round 9V battery that has one terminal at each end. There's no way one of them could fit in this design!)

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