Sanyo 6C-10

Sanyo 6C-10 inside look

Transistors in this radio:
    (Toshiba): 2S52, 2S45, 2S44 x 2, 2S56 x 2, [1N60]
The earliest production units shipped with the following transistors inside:
    (Toshiba): 2S12, 2S13 x 2, 2S14, 2S15 x 2, [1N60A]
Speaker: 2-3/4"
Power source: 6V : UM-3 (AA) x 4 or BL-104 x 1
In the center of this photo above the speaker you see the connectors for an earphone, (the rectangular jack on the left), an external (battery) power pack, and for an external speaker. There is also an external antenna jack on the side seen on the left in this photo.

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