RCA Victor P-331

P-331 - guts A

The insides of this radio are somewhat unique and of a primitive looking design. While it does use a printed circuit board for the core electronics, the tuning capacitor, volume switch and one of the battery holders are mounted on a hand-built aluminum board. The boards are connected by the two screws you can see to the right of the black plastic battery holder. Speaking of batteries, here again we have a unique design. The radio is powered by four AA-cell batteries. Two of these batteries sit side-by-side in the black holder, and the other two sit atop one another in the battery holder molded into the cabinet itself, (shown at lower left).

P-331 - guts B

The Sony oval transistors in this one are: 2T73 - 2T76 x 2 - 2T66 - 2T65 x 2; [1T23] [1T41]
The transformers are by Yaou Electric.
Oh, and this relatively large coat-pocket radio also sports a relatively large 3-1/2" speaker.

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